Here’s Why the Tron-Alibaba Deal May Soon Materialize

So many rumors fly around in the world of cryptocurrency and many have to do on speculations about partnerships and the rise or fall in coins. One of such rumors that broke out was that a deal is on the way between the Alibaba group and Tron (TRX). This rumor seems to head towards being true even as Tron’s CEO attested mildly to a partnership deal soon.

A Closer Look at Tron (TRX)

It has always been the desire of TRON to be a go-to decentralized platform for sharing contents. This it is capable of doing because of the peer-to-peer technology of blockchain. Interestingly, Tron is not profit-oriented as its major aim is to ensure that payment problems usually experienced by entertainment industries reduce.

The fact that Tron has no third-party middlemen has made set it apart from other blockchain techs. Consumers can thus pay directly for contents. Ever since it got into actions in 2017, Tron (TRX) has been fondly and widely utilized as the cryptos of the players in the entertainment industry.

CEO Hints a Possible Partnership Deal With Alibaba

Justin Sun who is the founder of Tron hinted at one of his Twitter posts it is possible his founder reach a partnership with China’s largest online shopping company known as Alibaba. The thought of this possibility alone has thrown the entire crypto community into a frenzy. The deal, if indeed true and established, would see buyers on Alibaba paying for their orders with the crypto.

In terms of the use of potential, Tron rivals Bitcoin the most. Justin Sun has really been giving Bitcoin a run for its money with many of his latest innovations and partnerships. Granted, Alibaba has Airplay which the Chinese are used to in making payments, but if Tron should get added to it, the payment would surely become faster.

Tron’s Team Always Expanding

As part of its effort to catch up with growing global demands, Tron has continued to expand its workforce. Currently, it has more than 150 team members who are striving vigorously to satisfy the ever-growing demand of the market. The company is aiming at shooting up its labor force to 400 in Beijing where it currently has its headquarters.

If the deal comes true, Alibaba would be able to exploit numerous possibilities that abound with blockchain technology. Already, Tron has increased its ability to carry out transactions without its traditional speed affected.

In the opinion of some analysts, Tron would gain the most if the deal should see the light of day. By stepping into the e-commerce domain, it would be now standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Ethereum and Ripple which have been dominating the industry for quite a while now. If the deal is true and reached, Tron will now be recognized as the world’s second-largest economy.

Crypto’s Rumored Deal is favored by Multiple Factors

Granted, there are no official releases or statement yet about this much-talked-about the deal, the fact it even for the sake of arguments, a lot of factors can put Tron on the right track to reach this partnership.

The founder of Alibaba Jack Ma and the founder of Tron Justin Sun are close friends. They both graduated from a University as the best apprentice. That aside, most current workers in Tron Foundation were previous workers of Alibaba.

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