Haven Protocol (XHV) a project that intends to develop a kind of offshore account for privacy oriented stablecoins, has suffered several difficulties during the last weeks. The lack of communication with the main developer caused anxiety in the community. Concern increased when members of the Haven Protocol team announced that they were abandoning the project without further explanation.

In a statement sent through the project’s official discord, news.cutter, one of the members of the team announced he was stepping back from the project, warning the community that Haven Protocol could be considered “dead”.

This announcement arises due to the silence of @havendev and his lack of communication with the team and the rest of the community. The high control this developer has over key pieces of Haven’s software meant that its development by active community members could be quite difficult if he doesn’t hand it over to other developers.

Subsequently, according to information replicated at bitcointalk, Donjor, Cofounder and Lead Developer of the project along with Haven Dev confirmed news.cutter’s words, mentioning that Haven Dev had separated from the project and given his refusal to deliver the development, the possibility of a fork was on the table:

Unfortunately I have to concur with @news.cutter. @havendev has been very opposed to opening up the offshore code repositories and any attempt to make the dev fee more transparent too. All around been quite awol …

We can fork the repository if required and I’d be interested in helping out in that and any regard. So long as it’s fruitful for the haven community – like news cutter said, get some talented devs on-board.

I’ll monitor the community sentiment, hope to gain access to havendevs code. I see XHV is OUR project not havendev’s after all.

It’s a tough pill to swallow as I have been working best as I can with havendev over the last 6 months but if he isn’t going to be right for the project, the community (and I) can take over. I’m not just going to let XHV die. We all got into Haven for its core offshore storage concept, and that’s still alive.

After the news broke, many users went to social media to express their discomfort, even describing the developers’ behavior as an ongoing exit scam. A letter supposedly from the BitTrex team stating that they could delist the crypto in 48 hours spread quickly among fans and investors.

courtesy: Twitter

As a result of this situation, the project suffered a considerable fall, going from 19k Sats to 9.4k Sats in 30 days.

Graph: Coinmarkertcap

BitTrex addressed rumors saying they are not delisting XHV and qualifying said letter as fake.

Likewise, Haven Dev confirmed that before the weekend he would deliver to the community all the code he wrote, clarifying that it is not an exit scam but simply a decision to partially abandon the project since he committed himself to “help” its development without being a leader.

All code I have ever written for Haven will be sent to the team before the end of the week.

I have spoken to @dweab and he will be helping with development. I will still be helping also.

It’s horrible to see all the FUD happening on the Discord and I want to clear all of this up as soon as possible.

There is no exit scam. I am confident once things have been tidied up internally we can refocus and put Haven back on the correct track.”