Have The Best Odds and Bets with Decibet Sports Betting Platform

Have The Best Odds and Bets with Decibet Sports Betting Platform

Decibet and the Betting Experience

In order to satisfy the needs of soccer bettors for privacy and fast payouts, the Decibet betting platform has implemented crypto currency payments to ensure that these needs are met. Not only that, but the website calculates its quotes minute after minute in order to provide its users with the best winning options and the most fun experience.

Decibet Features

Intuitive Platform

The web based platform is simple and clean, to not tire users with a complicated design and cluttered information. When you enter the account, the user will be able to see three main tabs in the center: “Today’s matches”, “Bets” and “Cash”.

The “Today’s matches” tab, obviously, features the most important matches that are scheduled that day. By accessing the Bets tab, users will be able to see the bets they have made and their results. If you want to place a deposit or make a withdrawal, click on Cash to select your crypto and amount to make the payment.

The website features a long list of countries on its left side, and when you click on one of them, you will be able to see the teams of that particular country and their matches along with other important stats.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

Decibet is the ideal betting platform for crypto users, as it accepts as payment a variety of 21 coins and tokens. Payments are supported in top coins such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum, and the following altcoins: Dash, Ripple, Dogecoin, Monero, Zcash, Ethereum Classic, Digibyte, Namecoin, MaidSafeCoin, Gulden, Game Credits, Bitcoin Cash, Lisk, PotCoin, Stratis, Syscoin, Vertcoin, and Blackcoin.

Using cryptocurrencies come with some advantages that fiat does not have. For one, the processing times for the transfers takes less time and has no extra fees as no third party is required to mediate the transaction.

Privacy is another advantage, as some cryptos run on protocols that ensure that their transactions cannot be traced back to the user.

Betting Anonymously

When you make an account on Decibet you will not be asked to identify yourself by providing personal documentation. With just an email you can create your account in a matter of seconds on the site. There will be no need for user verification, as Decibet values the user’s wish to bet online anonymously. Here, only the betting matters, not who you are.

Get Pay-outs Immediately

Most betting platforms take a while to give their payouts, but Decibet instantly deposits and lets you withdrawal your winnings as soon as your bet has been validated. You just select in which crypto you want to cash out and that’s it; no extra fees or delay.

Excellent Odds

Decibet strives to provide the best odds by implementing a complex system that collects various factors which can influence the outcome of a match. Every sports bettor knows that odds are a very important element in the process of making a wager.

The winning score helps bettors choose the match with the highest chances of winning.

User Privacy Ensured

Unlike other betting sites, Decibet doesn’t require its users to present any ID documentation on registration. It is recommended that you use an e-mail to register, but it isn’t necessary. No verifications are performed when registering, withdrawing or depositing, as Decibet respects the user’s right to privacy.

Global Betting on Football Matches

On the website, the user will be pleasantly surprised to find betting options for a wide variety of football matches that take place on global scale. Matches from Europe, South America, China, Australia and even World Cup events are featured here. To not miss out on any betting opportunity, the user can bet on players from Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Portugal, Tunisia, Iran, Spain, Scotland, England, France, Israel, Norway, Belgium, Finland, Cyprus, Russia, Germany, Sweden, Holland, and Romania, and many more.

New User Bonus of up to 100%

If you have just registered on Decibet, a bonus of 100%, of up to $100 USD will be credited to your account. New registrants can use the bonus to place more bets and enjoy themselves on the platform.

Bilingual Platform Support

The website’s language can be changed from English to other languages such as Spanish, French, Polish, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian by clicking on the button located in the far left corner of the website. This is to ensure that as many users from all over the world can be able to understand and therefore use the platform.

Earn Extra Money through Their Affiliate and Referral Program 

Decibet users can win additional rewards if they refer their friends to the platform. Affiliates can earn by using their affiliate system, which is through Affiliada.com.

The Decibet platform’s approach to football betting ensures that worldwide users can benefit from the use of crypto and from the multitude of betting options and odds available.

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