Epic Games’ Founder: “Fortnite’s Brief Foray Into Crypto Was Accidental”

The crypto-sphere began 2019 with a heated debate about the growing adoption of DLTs after the rumor was spread that Fortnite, the world-renowned “Battle Royale” video game had allowed the processing of payments in Monero (XMR) for the purchase of physical products in its official store.

The rumors were confirmed by Ricardo Spagni, creator of the popular privacy-oriented cryptocurrency, who in his official Twitter account described the announcement as being “too cool.”

Likewise, Spagni commented that they were considering providing payment support through the Bitcoin Lightning Network. In a later tweet, he commented that the Fortnite Store developers “want(ed) to give users an alternative that is privacy preserving.”

Tim Sweeney, Founder of Epic Games: Monero Acceptance Was a Brief Accident

Despite the enthusiasm that this news generated not only in the Monero community but in practically the entire ecosystem, a series of tweets published today by Tim Sweeney -the founder of the studio that developed Fortnite- broke the illusion of many users by denying the announcement, but in a very peculiar way.

The first tweet made it clear that there was never any intention to accept Monero or any crypto whatsoever. Sweeney explained that in reality, this was an accident without giving any more details:

Subsequently, Sweeney explains that although the Epic Games team is following the development of distributed ledger technologies with great interest, these technologies do not yet have the maturity and technological soundness required to offer a functional product for Fortnite’s target audience:

Finally, Sweeney denied the rumor circulating in the networks that Epic Games had established a partnership involving GloBee and Project Coral Reef. Sweeney commented that while they are interested in these technological developments, Epic Games does not currently have any type of partnership involving projects related to the use of cryptocurrencies.

In fact, he went on to point out that at the moment the team is not interested in accepting crypto and they are not discussing the possibility of establishing partnerships of this type with anyone.

After Sweeney’s tweets, Monero’s team, and especially Ricardo Spagni have refrained from making comments expressing their position. Many users have expressed their frustration and annoyance for this misunderstanding, especially on Reddit, where the comments have been quite negative.

Actually, Fortnite accepting Monero was a brief mistake. No crypto partnerships or even partnership talks yet. from CryptoCurrency

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