Ethos Airdrops POLY, OMG, BDG — Along With Other Developments

The “Community Airdrop Program”

Ethos, the company behind the fittingly named Ethos Universal Wallet, recently announced that it was commencing a community airdrop program for its over fifty thousands of users. In an official press release, the project wrote:

We will be Airdropping one token type at a time to our eligible users, in batches of thousands of users at a time, highlighting one token a day. This process is to ensure we do not clog the Ethereum Network and decrease wallet performance, with over 50,000 users set to receive Airdrops.

For those who are unaware, the aforementioned project intends to create a decentralized ecosystem with a “Universal Wallet” at its center, which will provide users with a way to store, analyze, trade and talk about a variety of crypto assets in one mobile package.

To promote this ecosystem, and to tend to its community, Ethos established a community airdrop program, which saw projects allocating assets to the program to be equally redistributed amongst eligible Universal Wallet users.

Starting on August 20th, Ethos issued a series of airdrops for users who signed up for the program. The tokens that the project gave away include Lympo (LYM), Bitdegree (BDG), Polymath (POLY), and OmiseGo (OMG). The airdrop program still intends to distribute tokens from the lesser-known Restart Energy, Soma, and aXpire projects over the next three days.

Ethos Universal Wallet To Add Litecoin (LTC) And Dash (DASH)

Along with initiating the airdrop program, the individuals behind the universal wallet announced a series of developments for its product. Namely, the “exciting and highly-anticipated” addition of Litecoin (LTC) and Dash (DASH) into the Ethos ecosystem.

With this move, users of the Universal Wallet will be able to transact LTC and DASH on the go, using Ethos’ easy-to-use mobile application. Unlike other mobile-focused wallets, Universal Wallet uses a so-called “smart key” system, which allows its users to be 100% in control of their funds, even across multiple blockchains and ecosystems.

Shapeshift On The Go — A Convenient And Secure Method To “Swap” Altcoins

Last but not least, Ethos recently entered a strategic partnership with Shapeshift, a popular instant crypto-to-crypto exchange, to see the service integrated into the Universal Wallet.

As it stands, the Universal Wallet will natively support the Shapeshift application, which securely swaps a crypto for another “without any intermediaries.” Expressing his excitement for the partnership, Shingo Lavine, CEO and Founder of Ethos, noted:

Ethos provides the infrastructure for a more robust digital economy that is truly easy to use and accessible to the average person. We want to partner with leading companies in the space to provide the best possible service while preserving the ideals and allure that cryptocurrencies hold.

Photo by Marc Ruaix on Unsplash

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