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EOS's Mainnet was established, but there's a shout of concern. According to a study by six snapshots of all EOS possession, just ten speeches maintain nearly 50 percent of their entire supply.

When attempting to determine where the ten speech originates from, it isn't too easy to differentiate. Yet one of those addresses is EOS's most important firm that's Block.one, which now holds 100 million tokens that's 10 percent of their overall EOS tokens in distribution.

The remaining 8 addresses may be trades like Bithumb, Huobi, OKEx, Upbit, and Bitfinex that are listed to be the best dealers.

A Reddit Post from the consumer Lannisan using the info on EOS's possession edited the article to respond to remarks stating that trade accounts shouldn't have been among the.

'Edit: Since /u/auser8 properly points out, the 1 drawback to this listing is that a number of the best holders are likely to swap balances and since they won't release any information on this, we've got no method of knowing how many men and women possess the EOS on the trades or just how much of it that they control. When an exchange has 50 million EOS sitting, that may be controlled by 5 Indians with 10 million EOS each or 500,000 casual consumers with 100 EOS each, however, we don't have any method of knowing. Based on the exchange supply, which will make an enormous difference as to how much electricity the best holders really have.'

Combined, the best 1000 addresses which maintain EOS tokens are equivalent to 858,120,383 that is nearly 86 percent of the entire supply. Hence the remaining 14 percent have hardly any influence over the entire EOS ecosystem.

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Together with the statistics being introduced, many questions about the decentralized feature of cryptocurrencies together with manipulation by cryptocurrency whales have surfaced.


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