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Elon Musk Wants Ethereum (ETH) Even it is Scam

At last, the globally-acclaimed entrepreneur, Elon Musk, has lent his voice to the Ethereum (ETH) debate. Many observers have seen this business mogul’s opinion on ETH as probably a defining point for this relatively-new firm. It appears that according to Musk, the much talked about cryptocurrency might not be anything short of a scam after all. But, wait a minute.

Just this Tuesday, a technology news collector operating from San Francisco, Techmeme, wrote on his Twitter account revealing that nothing less than 486 accounts belonging to different users have been deleted or removed by Twitter for allegedly getting involved in schemes that it deems “Malicious.”

Characteristic of the controversial business mogul, Elon Musk did not mince words in describing the step taken by the social media proprietors as “great”. In fact, Musk says that the decision would “increase (Twitter) usage by real users”. Although he didn’t go straight to mention crypto in his tweet, one of his followers who is well-abreast of what Elon is saying quickly re-tweeted, “Elon so you won’t send me that ETH after all?”

According to the report made available in the first week of July 2018, the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla cannot claim ignorance of Twitter scambots as according to the news outlet, Elon Musk himself had lamented his Twitter profile has been plagued by bots for months. Musk was quoted earlier as tweeting “who is running the Ethereum scambots?”

So, dwelling on the issue at hand now, Elon Musk, knowing full well that these scambots are well-established responded jokingly that the ETH which was earlier “promised” was “coming, I swear”. And just like many would not see his comment as unexpected, myriad of the social media users hastily joined the conversation on his thread dropping numerous tweets in favor of blockchain tech, ETH, and even crypto assets. Upon seeing these massive tweets on his thread, the acclaimed entrepreneur finally dropped a message saying “at this point, I want ETH even if it is a scam.”

Of course, this cannot but be a broad daylight joke from the entrepreneur; but notwithstanding, it reveals to some extent his possible interest and approval of the upcoming industry which has shown potentials in becoming a world brand in no distant time.

Can We Really Blame Twitter For The Debacle Of Crypto Scambot?

Granted, Twitter has exercised its powers in deleting 486 accounts of its former users as earlier reported, the concern by many stakeholders now is if the social media owners aren’t worsening the situation by their action. Not too long ago, Troy Mursch who is a security researcher asserted that several accounts masquerading of Tesla executives have been recommended for him, Mursch, to follow.

It’s not just that the said accounts impersonated Musk alone, according to Mursch, several unfounded and unscrupulous links claiming an “official 5,000 ETH giveaways” allegedly emanating from Elon Musk are being advertised to many users. So, it would be factually incorrect to say that Twitter has been successful in combating the problem as Mursch keeps rolling out more damaging pictures of this issue.

The matter is now everywhere so much that Vitalik Buterin who is a co-founder of Ethereum had to personally tag Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey to help address the matter swiftly. His appeal equally went to developers as he urged them to set up a secondary solution to mop up the mess. With all these, it appears more is left to be seen as Buterin’s plea for help seems to be hitting a brick wall. Scambots are still rampant.

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