Electric Charging Station to Soon Commence Receiving IOTA Payments

Consequent upon elaborate testing which has been going on for up to five months now, the first IOTA-powered charging station in the world is set for a major debut. Recent updates made available on INVADE website reveal that Electric Vehicles (EVs) have now been integrated with a management system that is cloud-based.

No More Credit Card Payment for EVs

No doubts, this project will still have to do some perfection to some aspects of its flexibility and reliability. But then, it is crystal clear that ElaadNL has resolved to embark or its no more credit card payment.

And good enough, this arrangement would ensure that customers no longer have to worry about getting their credit card details wrong. Similar, the era of furnishing a subscription or charge is gone with this plan.

That’s because the modern charging stations put in place by ElaadNL receives IOTA (MIOTA) payments. That makes the entire process not only quick but also more efficient. The chances of customers encountering a transaction or technical error have been drastically reduced by this method too.

An IT Architect working with Smart Grids & Distributed Ledger Technology who is also an ElaadNL has affirmed that the charging station does not need any back office or communication protocol. He said that transactions are direct without using a subscription or charge card.

Harm van de Brink equally assured that multiple tests have been carried out on the charge station using mini-Tesla built by the company. According to him, the next focus of the company now is coming up with a QR-code display which would enable direct payment and charging from the station by the customers.

Supports from Other Vehicles Still Anticipated

As it is currently, charging island is part of ElaadNL’s electronic vehicle charging station. Other components include a battery, a fast charger, one pair of charging lanterns, and expectedly, IOTA charger.

Despite all these, the charging station is yet to have the necessary hardware configuration which other regular cars can use. Brink did admit that in spite of the landslide progress made, the company does not consider the hardware/software combination currently used to power the charging station as set for upscaling. In his own words, the blockchain technology guru said:

We are very pleased to see that this can work, even in a real machine-to-machine way. However, the software/hardware is still very experimental, and thus not ready for upscaling – in my opinion.

Already, the first series of tests have been completed. As such, the next line of action would be for ElaadNL to integrate the charger with a smart network that is IOTA-based. This network should also be able to send information rightly among the concerned nodes.

For instance, when the system is fully ready, it would be capable of sending the transformer’s data automatically to the charging station. Similarly, the device is expected to be programmed in such a way that transmit logs containing their energy usage to Tangle.

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