Craig Wright Says Binance is a “Money Laundering Organization,” says Decentralized Exchanges Don’t Exist

Craig Wright never gets tired of being controversial. Only a few weeks ago he initiated a series of legal actions against people who doubted his word, arguing that until now he had not been able to prove that he was Satoshi Nakamoto and a few days later in an interview for Finder, his statements were full of provocations, insults and accusations.

Mr. Wright’s statements seem to be a response to the series of delists on his BSV token, especially from a reputable and solid Exchange like Binance.

In response to CZ’s comments accusing Craig Wright of being a fraud, Wright accused Binance’s CEO of running a money laundering business:

“You have things like CZ there and Binance which is super bucket shop which are basically money-laundering organizations. They do wash trades and money laundering, that’s how they make money … This is why they don’t want me talking… Because this is a criminal organization”

Wright’s words are quite harsh, especially considering that this situation didn’t seem to bother him at first. From the time BSV was born, the token was listed on that exchange and prior to its birth and during Craig Wright’s involvement with Bitcoin Cash, that token (BCH) was also actively traded on Binance.

Wright also talked about the growing popularity of decentralized exchanges. The lawyer told his followers that “there’s no thing as a DEX, that’s a fraud anaconda”.

He also talked about Kraken and Shapeshift, two other recognized exchanges that delisted their token:

What these guys do is they take money from around the world and they pump it through their system and back out through Tether, which is also a criminal money laundering system, so that it gets lost in the banking industry… So that’s what things like Binance are really about. Then they can link them to others like Kraken and get them into a semi-legitimate one. Or others like Shapeshift.

Wright also spoke of John McAfee, who not only said he was not Satoshi Nakamoto, but told his followers that he knew the identity of the true Satoshi, providing several clues. McAfee also announced that he would sue Calvin Ayre (CEO of nChain, the firm for which Wright works as Chief Scientist)

People like John McAfee have built a career out of being a conman … Please sue me, Mr. McAfee .. I actually got some evidence on you. I want you in court, Mr.M McAfee who charges for conning people and making token scams

It is also important to remember that the famous portal Wikileaks also spoke against Craig Wright. The portal questioned the veracity of Wright’s statements.

In response, Wright said that “they bury things in releasing truth but in a well a way that allows you to lie with the truth”.

So far, no responses have been received from the people Wright mentioned.

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