Coinbase Website and App Displays XRP, XLM, ADA TRX and more. Is This A Sign of Future Listings?

The cryptocurrency communities of both XRP and Tron (TRX) have noted that the Coinbase website and Mobile App, are both currently displaying 45 extra cryptocurrencies that are not yet supported on the trading platform. Besides each of the 45 digital assets, is the usual tracking variables of price, 24 hours change in the markets, market capitalization and an accompanying chart to help the user visualize the movement of the digital asset.

A screenshot of a few of the digital assets being displayed on the Coinbase website has been provided below for a better visualization.

11 of the 45 new digital assets being tracked on Coinbase. Source,

Is It A Sign of Future Listings by Coinbase

A few days ago, the Coinbase exchange had announced that it had implemented plans to expedite the process of listing new digital assets on the platform. The new process aims at rapidly adding cryptocurrencies that are up to their standards and compliant with the local law. The exchange has also implementing plans to make the crypto trading process simpler for its users.

It is with the above intentions by Coinbase, that fans of both XRP and TRX have taken to twitter to express their thoughts on the website and App displaying the 45 additional cryptocurrencies.

Popular TRX fan @WLFOFMYST, tweeted the following:

Whatever your feelings are about Coinbase (I have some negative ones), they are the big dog on the block. It appears that they may be getting their shit together. “IF” they do wind up listing the top 50 #cryptos (now on their site) the crypto sky opens imo. $trx #trx #tron

His sentiments were echoed by XRP fan @XrpMR whose tweet can be found below.

What are your thoughts on Coinbase displaying 45 additional cryptocurrencies on its Website and Mobile Application? Could this be a sign of future listings? Please let us know in the comment section below. 

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