Carrefour to Launch Food Tracking Platform Built on Blockchain

French multinational retailer, Carrefour, has announced that thanks to blockchain technology users of the popular chain of hypermarkets will be able to track all the states through which their products passed since production until their placement in the hands of the consumer.

The first implementation of this technology will be able to be used in one of its unique products, the “Campero” chicken raised without antibiotic treatments. However, the company has mentioned that soon more and more products will be traceable by using blockchain technology:

Carrefour: Using Blockchain To Provide a Better Service

To make this project a reality, Carrefour has joined forces with the IBM Food Trust platform and the Galician corporation Coren. Thanks to this joint effort, users will have access to a wealth of information that they could not previously have about the products.

With a simple Qr code scan, consumers will be able to see the chicken’s date of birth, hatchery name, feed and hatchery characteristics, expiration date, origin and breed, chicken’s lifespan, packaging date and shipment to warehouses, among others.

For Jorge Ybarra, commercial director of Food, this type of innovation allows Carrefour to establish itself as a reliable company in the field of food products:

“To become the leader in the transformation of the food industry is Carrefour’s ambition and the use of blockchain technology allows us to make progress in achieving this goal since it responds to a priority of the group: to guarantee consumers the traceability of our products with total transparency.”

A Joint Effort of Multiple Players That Will Soon Grow

It is important to note that Carrefour is a founding member of the IBM Food Trust platform. The goal of this development is to implement a global standard for food traceability in all links of the supply chain.

Coren (Cooperativas Orensanas) is also a cooperative that grows the chickens that are placed in Carrefour’s commercial stalls. Currently, they are the only ones with Carrefour’s approval to put traceable chickens with blockchain technologies.

Carrefour stated that in the coming months the tracking program would be progressively implemented to other products within the “Quality and Origin” program.

The use of blockchain technologies to guarantee the provenance of products is just one of many real applications that are being developed. Currently, uses can already be seen in sectors such as logistics, medical insurance, food, electoral audit among others.

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