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Cardano’s (ADA) CEO Drops Surprising Yet Important Announcement – Breaking

Charles Hoskinson – Founder of IOHK – Cardano and ex-part of Ethereum project, surprised the crypto-verse with an early announcement. The explanation made via twitter was planned for tomorrow 15th August, however Mr. Hoskinson could not wait!

Cardano – Announcement

The video log starts of with an attempt to make all the crypto-enthusiasts and traders feel at ease saying that despite of the high volatility of the market now, it is just part of the cycle. According to him – they have been there and it is fine.

Based on what Charles Hoskinson says, a strategy has been designed that targets the long-term period. That plan is going to hoist IOHK reach the promises and its CEO’s vision about the tech it works on and develops.

Recently, the whole team is working mostly on two projects: Prometheus and Icarus. The latter one is an extension for the browser Google Chrome which can be ported to various mobile apps and Mozilla Firefox. It is a full functioning wallet on the browser with no need of the entire blockchain. It is installed with a one-click procedure from the web store, the Daedalus wallet can be imported and you can recover the wallet in 2 minutes.

Developed as a hybrid of Javascript and Rust, the browser extension wallet is designed to give a vanilla light experience to users. This allows mobile partners to go ahead and develop third-party applications. It also integrates ADA into the browser.

The IOHK team, announced the launch of its Smart Contracts IELE Cardano Testnet. This is a significant milestone in the Cardano Roadmap as it represents an evolution of the KEVM Testnet released earlier (this May)

In the press release, the IOHK team explains that thanks to this new CardanoTestnet, the level of interaction with the community will be much higher as users will have the opportunity to experience for the first time the characteristics of what would be the real Cardano blockchain.

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