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Cardano’s Biggest Update Launches Today

Cardano, the famous third generation blockchain that promises to solve the “blockchain trilemma” is about to launch its most significant update of the year.

In a tweet published on December 13, 2018, Charles Hoskinson, the man in charge of the project mentioned that Cardano 1.4 is ready to be released today. The community responded with very positive feedback, encouraging the team to continue with the project and thanking Hoskinson for the uninterrupted communication he has with his followers.

Until now there has been no announcement of any kind that could lead to any unforeseen event or unexpected delay. In fact, just a few hours ago, Hoskinson confirmed that version 1.4 is out today, in a tweet that says “Cardano’s best days are ahead of it.”

Optimized storage

The new Cardano update comes with an essential optimization in the way data is stored, allowing users to have the typical functionality of the whole blockchain occupying much less space.

Just as a comparison while at present a user who stores the entire Cardano blockchain must store roughly 1.5 million files, after updating users will only have to save 200 files to host the whole Cardano blockchain.

Improved Support For Rust

Rust is a programming language used massively in various developments under iOS, Android, WebApps and similar environments. With this new update, Cardano supports an open-source Rust sandbox that will attract more developers by incorporating a more familiar programming language.

It is important to note that Rust is a language that shares many features with C and C++, so developers could familiarize themselves more quickly with the project.

Stable Version of Daedalus Wallet

Since the release of Cardano V 1.1, the Daedalus wallet has been in beta version, so many end users have not been encouraged to use it. Version 1.4 offers Linux users the possibility to have a stable and secure version of Daedalus.

There is still no announced date for the release of the final versions in other popular operating systems such as Mac or Windows.

Until now, the price of ADA, Cardano’s token has remained relatively stable, without atypical Pumps or signs that the market has overreacted to the announcement, however, the update has not yet come out so the behavior of ADA in the coming hours may be interesting to follow.

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