Callisto (CLO) Sets Its Eyes on HitBTC After Getting Listed on IDAX

The Callisto (CLO) community recently celebrated the listing of their favorite digital asset on IDAX. Trading of the coin was activated only days ago on the 5th of November. Traders can now trade CLO paired with Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

800,000 CLO Reward on IDAX

The listing on IDAX also included a 800,000 CLO reward for the top 100 traders of the digital asset in terms of volume. The trading event started on the 5th of November and ends on the 20th of the same month. The ranking and rewards have been provided below courtesy of the team at IDAX.

Rank Rewards (CLO) Basic Trading Volume (CLO)
TOP 1 80,000 400,000
TOP 2 60,000 300,000
TOP 3 40,000 200,000
TOP 4-10 20,000 100,000
TOP 11-20 10,000 50,000
TOP 21-50 6,000 30,000
TOP 51-100 4,000 20,000

Eyes Set on HitBTC

After getting listed on IDAX, the team at Callisto informed the crypto community that the listing process on HitBTC has resumed. The project’s CEO and CTO, Yohan Graterol, added  the following with regards to the next steps in the listing process:

Today the company transfer process has been completed.

Carlos Sampol and I are the owners (50/50) of Callisto Network Foundation OÜ in Estonia.

The next steps will be getting the project legal opinion (we are waiting for the lawyer’s response) and sending the documents to HitBTC to complete the KYC process.

Thanks a lot to the community.

About Callisto (CLO)

The Callisto Network is one of the few protocols that plans on rewarding long-term coin holders for holding their CLO in a process commonly known as cold staking. This feature will be activated on the network after the first hard fork that is 3 days away (11th November). The protocol is written in solidity and the cold staking contract receives 20% of all mining rewards per block and distributes this to the holders of CLO proportionately.

The Callisto Network also offers smart contract audits for free. It is fully compatible with the Ethereum and Ethereum Classic environments. Developers can also create their own smart contracts on the network.

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