BTC Price: Can Bitcoin Stay Stable Over $9000 Next Week?

BTC price updates have become a topic which is so mainstream that even television news channels are now covering it. Bitcoin is no longer limited to the techies or to the finance gurus. Cryptocurrencies have become mainstream and Bitcoin is leading this crypto-revolution. Hardly a day goes by without news outlets reporting about cryptocurrency price movements. Bitcoin has been stuck in a limbo between the bears and the bulls.
BTC Price Update Over The Past 24 Hours
Over the past 24 hours, Bitcoin has fallen by 4.5%. The currency went from $8950 to $8517 over the day. The lowest point of the day came at $8494 while the price peaked at $8995. The currency began the day with a market cap of $151 Billion and closed the day $144 Billion.
BTC Price Update Over The Past Week
Over the past week, Bitcoin went from $7733 to $8517. A significant gain for the currency. BTC price hit a high of $9172 over the week while the lowest point of the week came at $7471. Bitcoin gained $14 Billion over the week as the currency started off with a market cap of $130 Billion and closed at $144 Billion.
BTC Price Expectations
Bitcoin price, which at one point of time, late last year, seemed to be unstoppable and heading for $20,000 came crashing down and fell by almost 75% as it hit the $6000 mark. While the currency has since bounced back, BTC prices are finding it hard to maintain a stable position in the markets. BTC price did manage to cross $10,000 earlier this month, but again fell to the $8000 mark. The next target for going stable is being in the $9000 range for at least a week!
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