BTC is Following a Pattern That Could Take it To Unimaginable Levels, Tim Draper Says

The growth of the cryptomarket is unquestionable, especially in developments oriented to the adoption of Bitcoin. Despite falling markets, developers and investors are quite enthusiastic about the potential of BTC and Tim Draper is at the forefront of those willing to put their money into the growth of the ecosystem.

In an interview with Crypto Wendy, Tim Draper explained that developments of blockchain technologies are growing exponentially. He commented that he had invested heavily in several projects that are already bearing fruit for the usability of cryptocurrencies, generating dividends and giving reasons to be optimistic:

We’ve had a tremendous year. There are a lot of great companies that we backed before that are doing quite well and there are a lot of really interesting things happening in Bitcoin and the blockchain and smart contracts that are going to make it so much easier for everybody to use

BTC = Visa? No… Draper’s Vision is BTC > Visa

Draper was particularly optimistic about OpenNode. The well-known venture capitalist explained that this startup could facilitate Bitcoin transactions, promoting its massification. He said that once OpenNode technology matures, it will allow processing transactions in Bitcoin as fast as the Visa network.

Well in crypto, open note is growing like a weed and really well positioned. They’re gonna make it so that you can spend your Bitcoin anywhere you want … makes it easy so that people can have as many transactions as they do in a second as they do on the visa Network

Tim Draper is famous for making a bullish prediction that places BTC in the $250,000 range by 2022. He was also confident that in the near future, society will use cryptos and blockchain technologies with the same ease as today’s internet.

BTC Will Rise to Unimaginable Levels

Regarding Bitcoin’s performance, Tim explained that it is necessary to have a long-term vision. From his point of view, BTC is replicating a pattern already experienced by other markets such as “computers and software and internet ever the e-commerce.”

I think it’s it’s got to go through the what I called the is curve where it goes up. First it starts, and nobody cares and then it goes up, and everybody thinks it’s going to be the greatest thing in the world and it goes to this dot on the eye and they draw it so you can see it on the screen, stop on the eye and then it comes down and then everybody sort of forgets about it, and then it slowly but surely just builds and builds and builds and builds and builds and goes much higher than anybody ever imagined

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