(BTC) Bitcoin Price Continues To Be Above $11,000 – But Can it Sustain The Momentum?

Bitcoin price conversations are no longer limited to tech and finance communities. It has now exploded beyond the confines of niches and subgroups – and has become a topic of mainstream discussions. With everyone having their 2 cents about Bitcoin price movements – there is no definite way to ‘predict’ the prices. However, it is possible to observe the prices and observe the market conditions.
Let us take a closer look at the Bitcoin price movements over the past 24 hours, the past week – as well as a look at where they may be headed.
Bitcoin Price Over The Past 24 Hours
Bitcoin prices have been very stable over the past 24 hours – with a drop of just 0.5% over the course of the day. The currency began the day at a price of $11,344 – peaked at a high of $11,528 – but ended the day at a low of $11,293. The lowest point of the day came at $11,136. Over the course of the entire 24 hour period Bitcoin prices traded between $11,100 and $11,600. A $500 variation over the day. The market cap of the currency stands at $190 Billion.
Bitcoin Price Over The Past Week
Over the past week, Bitcoin prices were on a slow and gradual uptrend – a good week for BTC investors. The currency boomed from a low of $9,692 7 days ago to a close the week at $11,293 today. The market cap over the week went from $163 Billion to $190 Billion.
Bitcoin Price Expectations
For now, the expectation from Bitcoin prices is to hold on to the $11,000+ level and not fall below that mark. If Bitcoin can build upon this momentum it has gathered over the week, the currency can soon cross the $12,000 and $13,000 barriers. However – the biggest challenge that the currency faces remains the $15,000 mark which hasn’t been breached ever since the currency fell below it.
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