“Bitcoin (BTC) Will be About a 5% Market Share of The Earth” Tim Draper Predicts

Tim Draper never stops showing his enthusiasm for Bitcoin’s potential to revolutionize the financial industry. The famous Bitcoin bull gained fame in the crypto community after making one of the most optimistic forecasts regarding Bitcoin price.

Although Bitcoin comes from experiencing a strong bearish trend in 2018, Draper maintains his expectations, and in an interview for Fox Business he remarked that not only is he sure that Bitcoin will meet the challenging goal of 250k per token, but he is confident that in less than 5 years it will already have a strategic importance for the financial markets.

“I am a believer that in four years, something like that, bitcoin will be a 5 percent market share of the earth,” Draper told the Countdown to the Closing Bell team Thursday from the SALT conference in Las Vegas.

SALT: The Best Place To Debate About BTC

SALT has been a scenario of interesting debates. The opinions voiced by the guests have been extremely constructive for the ecosystem; however conflicting positions are also quite normal and enjoyable.

Nouriel Roubini: An Anti BTC Nobel Prize
Nouriel Roubini: An Anti BTC Nobel Prize

At the same symposium, Nobel laureate economist Nouriel Roubini commented that from his point of view cryptocurrencies were “the mother and father of all bubbles” due to their high volatility, lack of control, low TPS processing and absence of other qualities typical of traditional cash.

Mike Novogratz: A Pro BTC Billionaire
Mike Novogratz: A Pro BTC Billionaire

For his part, Mike Novogratz, CEO of Galaxy Digital refuted Roubini’s comments saying that “The debate was over (and) Bitcoin Won.” For the billionaire investor, Bitcoin is a better form of money, enjoys credibility, has verifiable usability and every day new developments are seen around it.

The recent price spike that led Bitcoin to break the $6,000 barrier seems to have raised the confidence of investors and financial analysts. The increase in trading volume is a good sign for the markets and the growing dominance of Bitcoin over other altcoins is a sign that traders now rely on BTC as an excellent store of value.

Tim Draper also questioned Roubini’s arguments. The thinking of the famous investor sums up the vision of virtually every member of the community of crypto enthusiasts:

“Bitcoin is a better currency. It’s decentralized, open, it’s transparent. Everybody knows what happens on the blockchain,” 

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