BTC Could Hit 400.000 in a Decade, Morgan Creek CEO Says. John McAfee Tweets About The Bullish Trend

The recent bull run experienced by BTC seems to have stimulated a new wave of declarations by experts and analysts, which is a clear sign that the public is increasingly interested in this subject and that experts are getting more and more enthusiastic about this possible trend reversal.

In an interview for BloxLiveTV, Mark Yusko, CEO, and CIO of Morgan Creek Capital Management explained that the crypto market has matured and will continue to grow despite the difficulties.

BTC = Gold 2.0?

Morgan Creek Capital Management. Its CEO is Bullish on BTC

The well-known investor also explained that he maintains his prediction that BTC could cost approximately USD 400,000 per token if it ever manages to replicate the marketcap of gold. Assuming that BTC achieves a capitalization of at least 7.4 trillion dollars, each token should have a value of between 400,000 and half a million dollars.

This argument has been discussed and supported by important investors and experts such as Mike Novogratz and Tim Draper, who even consider that BTC outperforms gold in many ways.

Yusko believes that this flippening could occur in a decade or so.

Yusko also explained that the theft of 7000 BTC announced a few days ago did not generate an excessively bearish reaction because of how CZ dealt with the problem. The Exchange covered the losses of its hot wallet with a native insurance fund known as SAFU (Secure Asset Fund for Users).

He also explained that negative events should not be a strong argument for those who bet against cryptocurrencies. From his point of view, even though bank robberies occur frequently, nobody uses this excuse as an argument to delegitimize the use of money or banks.

John McAfee Puts the BTC Bull Run in Context

The bull run has surprised and excited practically everyone in the crypto verse. One of the influencers who joined this wave of statements is John McAfee who has never abandoned his bullish stance.

The well-known cybersecurity expert put his followers in context, explaining that Bitcoin is one of the few assets that can achieve such high levels of growth. In fact, BTC is until now the most profitable investment of 2019.

John McAfee, known for his famous prediction that Bitcoin will cost $1 Million, explained that if BTC continued this trend it could cost 4,000,000 in a short time. However, he emphasized that his statements are only as a context since an escalation of such magnitude is practically impossible to happen.

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