Brazilian Police Shuts Down Mining Operation Coordinated by Drug Traffickers

The brazilian Police discovered on Tuesday (23) an illegal Bitcoin mining farm, which was used by drug dealers in Porto Alegre

According to the local police, the criminals used the tokens to launder their money quickly swaping crytpo and fiat when neccesary

The facility had several ASICs and oter state-of-the-art equipment, according to the police, The farm was located in the back of a house in Morro da Embratel.

However, things got more serious when the law enforcementes found a scraped-numbered gun and a motorcycle with forged plates. for the authorties at Rio Grande do Sul this is something new and they even said such a discovery was “accidental”

Jair Bolsonaro: New President of Brazil / courtesy: Aljazeera

According to Mr Benneman, The suspect was being monitored by the police, but not for any crypto-related activites but because of his criminal background. However, he found the levels of sophistication in terms of how well organized was the whole BTC farm as one of the most interested and curious things of this arrest

“The structure [of the place] caught our attention: with refrigeration to keep the laboratory at the proper temperature,”

Even though they don’t specifically mention the conficasted equipment, the authorities concur on how delicate the situation is.

The police accused the suspect or fraud, “stealing” the city’s electricity and using it without properly paying for it. In total, the investigators estimate that the equipment found costs around R$ 150,000 or a little more than 60k USD.

The man arrested has a history of trafficking and murder of a military police officer, among other crimes. The police works to find out who else would be involved with the laboratory as they are convinced this is not a one man operation

The use of crypto coins by criminals seems to be a growing trend. Although these tokens are still not a globally accepted technology, it is true that more and more criminals are exploring the possibilities of using crypto coins to elude the authorities.

However, it is not necessary to be excessively perturbed, an important group of international security agencies agree with the opinionof an Interpol report in which it is shown that even the use of cash remains the most profitable currency for criminals around the world.

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