Brave Browser Users Could Earn Up to 70$ For Watching Ads (and over 200$ in 2020), Brendan Eich Says

Blockchain technologies are changing the way many businesses operate and Brendan Eich, CEO of Brave, is determined to make every effort to revolutionize the content distribution and advertising industry.

Brendan Eich

Mr. Eich is the leader of Brave Browser, a Chromium fork that aims not only to be more efficient and lighter but also to provide a better user experience while rewarding both advertisers and consumers without the need to resort to intrusive strategies such as ads or data gathering.

In comments for Hacker News, Eich explained that he expected to be able to offer users the possibility of obtaining rewards for watching ads. The idea is to start at about $70 a year in 2019 and grow to $224 next year.He still holds this promise:

“I would not be surprised if our users can make $70/year as we bring the system up in 2019 — when ad deals will be harder to come by, and we’ll subsidize revenue from BAT’s User Growth Pool — and climb by 2020 to above .7 * 320 or $224 net user revenue per year.

Let’s find out!”

The brave browser has built-in tools that block ads and tracking cookies. The policy behind the browser is that users should decide what content they consume and have some of the money they generate for content providers as a reward.

To offer a superior alternative to annoying ads, Brave Browser has integration with Basic Attention Token (BAT) a crypto developed by the same team. Users get tokens in return for consuming content, and these tokens go to a crypto wallet within the same browser. Consumers can also choose which sites to reward depending on their preferences.

Even though right now the Brave Browser team is currently working on the development of seamless integration with BAT, both products are perfectly functional and popular in the community.

Brave’s evolution has been a success. Just as an example, according to Google Play Store figures, Brave Browser has more than 20 million downloads, while BAT has grown in marketcap in a vertiginous way, specially after its listing on Coinbase Pro.

graph: coinpricewatch

Eich’s efforts for the development of Brave have earned him numerous accolades from influential crypto-verse players. As reported by Ethereum World News, a few days ago, the co-founder of Wikipedia explained that thanks to Brave there is no reason to go back to Chrome.

Likewise, Vitalik Buterin praised Brave Browser during his speech at TOKEN2049

“There’s actually a lot of stuff in the ecosystem that I’ve been very encouraged by recently. Particularly like especially in the last six months it’s feeling like things are starting to break out into making things that are actually usable for much wider audiences. Another interesting thing we’ve seen is large-scale user onboarding. So, browsers, Brave, has some cryptocurrency features built in.”

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