NY Blockchain Week Promises to Gather The Most Influential Crypto-Personalities in One Place.

The popularity of crypto and blockchain technology is increasing day by day and the famous Blockchain Week promises to concentrate all this feeling in one place and in a small period of time. The annual meeting, also known as Consensus, is held in New York City and is perhaps the most important event for crypto enthusiasts and fans of blockchain technologies.

People visiting the different stands at the Blockchain Week 2018
People visiting the different stands during the Blockchain Week of 2018.
courtesy: Temco Labs

Since 2015, the iconic “Blockchain Week” is being celebrated. During this period, thousands of people gather to share experiences with the most important personalities of the ecosystem. People ranging from hackers to politicians participate in this event, discussing a range of topics that surpasses any other event of similar characteristics.

Coindesk has not yet published the list of speakers, but expectations are quite high. In 2018 they invited over 250 personalities of great influence in the world of crypto and blockchain technologies. This group included: Jeremy Allaire (Circle), Muneeb Ali (Blockcstack), Yoni Assia (eToro), Amber Baldet (Clovyr), James Bullard (Federal Reserve Bank of St. Petersburg). Louis), Christian Decker (Blockstream), Tuur Demeester (Adamant Capital), Meltem Demirors (Athena Capital), Jack Dorsey (Twitter, Square), Katherine Duveneck (U.S. House of Representatives), Arthur Hayes (BitMEX), Charlie Lee (Litecoin), Joe Lubin (Ethereum, ConsenSYS), Jed McCaleb (Ripple, Stellar).

Blockchain Week: A Healthy Event for the Ecosystem

According to Coindesk statistics, the growth in popularity of the event has been as exponential as the growth in popularity of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. Comparing the first and last event, in just 3 years the number of attendees has increased by 10x.

courtesy: Coindesk

The Price of each ticket range from $699 to almost 2k each. Those interested in attending can pay with fiat or Bitcoin. They do not accept any other type of crypto, unfortunately.

Even though 2018 was a year marked by a strong bearish trend, many expect Bitcoin prices to increase during this week (just as they expected in 2018). The hype about cryptocurrencies and the stimulus to trading have generally been positive for the ecosystem.

However, it is unnecessary to spend 2k to have close contact with these technologies. In parallel with Consensus, there will be other events with much lower (even free) prices and equally interesting topics.

To watch last year’s discussions and presentations, this link provides all the necessary information.

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