Björk starts accepting bitcoin for her latest album Utopia

In what can be pegged as yet another positive for bitcoin in particular and digital currencies in general, Björk, the multi-awards winning musician, has opened up pre-orders for her latest album, Utopia, by accepting bitcoin.
Björk isn’t the first major artist to test cryptocurrencies as Imogen Heap attempted a similar thing last yer with blockchain’s technology through ethereum. In Björk’s case the integration is less ambitious as she is simply accepting bitcoin rather than trying to use blockchain technology for digital rights management (DRM) or more fully integrate the tech aspects.
All those who pre-order Utopia using bitcoin will receive 100 free audiocoins – currently worth around $0.25. For those of you who are not aware, audiocoin is a somewhat confusing cryptocurrency that aims to encourage independent artists.
The more interested bit about Björk accepting bitcoin is the start-up that is facilitating the digital currency based pre-order – Blockpool. Blockpool is a Britain based start-up that has implemented APIs that facilitates “intersystem communication” allowing “plugins legacy systems [to] finally be able to share datasets.”
The start-up’s site contains a brief, but buzzword heavy, whitepaper, wherein Blockpool is described as a system of a Blockpool master chain (public chain) to which sidechains (or private chains) can connect. The intention appears to be a sort of turn key solution where you just plug and play with the design appearing to aim integration with current legacy systems.
With Björk’s acceptance of bitcoin so seemingly being limited to its use as a currency only, although Blockpool does say:
“For this project Blockpool looked at both a checkout plugin and also used it’s proprietary blockchain integration technology to build a smart rewards system,” which presumably refers to the free audiocoins.
With Björk joining the digital currency bandwagon, further artists may now follow and embrace bitcoin as a means of transacting. Bitcoin is verging on mainstream adoption as its awareness, and in many cases usage, reaches global levels.

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