Bitmain Launches New Line of State-Of-The-Art 7nm ASICs

After a long wait, Bitmain finally launched its line of state-of-the-art ASICs. The hardware has updated 7nm chips for greater processing power and maximum energy efficiency.

Announced in Februaryy, the mining hardware giant assured that its BM1397 chips included in the new series 17, will allow them to position themselves in the market, especially considering the halving that is scheduled for next year.

The BM1397 promises to increase efficiency by about 30% over the previous generation (BM1391). According to numbers provided by the company, its most popular ASIC will have a hashrate of 40TH/s. This would generate a profit of $247 per month without taking into account energy costs. The power consumption is calculated at about 55J/Th

Bitmain Antminer T17

The name of the new ASIC is Antminer T17 and will use a dual tube heat dissipation. This will cut down the area between the air inlet and the air outlet by 50%. With this innovation, not only do they reduce space, but also they make it possible to increase the life of the equipment and reduce maintenance costs.

Bitmain will offer two other products within the 17 series. The Antminer S17 Pro which reports a hashrate of 53 TH/s with a power consumption of 39.5 J/Th and the Antminer S17 which will have reduced performance.

For now only the T17 is available for sale. Its base price is $1270. The company has expanded the payment options for its clients, accepting BTC(Bitcoin),LTC(Litecoin), BCH(Bitcoin Cash) and USD.

Bitmain Trust in a Better Future

Despite Bitmain’s promises, its products are currently neither the most powerful nor the most efficient on the market. Other options are already available for professional mining, among which it is worth mentioning:

  • MicroBT Whatsminer M10S (55 TH/s)
  • BITFURY B8 (50 TH/s)
  • Innosilicon T3-43T (43 TH/s)

Bitmain has been struggling to maintain its market dominance. The sharp drop in Bitcoin prices and Jihan Wu’s ill-advised decisions led the company to face a rather complicated 2018.

However, despite the circumstances, the firm is optimistic about the growth potential that can be obtained with the halving.

Similarly, less than a month ago, Bitmain announced that it would launch about 200,000 ASICS into the Chinese market to take advantage of the relatively cheap hydroelectric power in China during the summer.

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