Bitcoin search volumes on Google could soon surpass those of Donald Trump

Bitcoin price surge is playing a key role in not only increasing awareness about cryptocurrencies, but is also giving the digital currency an edge on search volumes in Google.
According to latest statistics visible from Google Trends and other search engine monitoring services, bitcoin Google searches have doubled their previous all time high and have managed to surpass those of Justin Bieber or Kim Kardashian. If the current trend continues, Donald Trump could be at risk of being surpassed by Bitcoin in search popularity.
Statistics indicate that in bitcoin search, three African countries –┬áNigeria, Ghana and South Africa – remain the top three countries in the world most curious about bitcoin. Slovenia and Estonia make up the top 5 with United States following in 14th position, while UK is at 25th, just one below Germany.
This indicates that bitcoin isn’t limited to developed countries, but has a much more global reach transcending international boundaries with relatively poor African nations leading the search charts followed by much smaller Eastern European countries with the bigger developed nations behind.
While bitcoin search on Google have definitely surged substantially, it isn’t bitcoin alone that is garnering eyeballs. Other cryptocurrencies have also managed to gain a fair share of the search bandwidth with the generic term ‘cryptocurrency’ at an all time high too, with Singapore, Australia, Slovenia, Nigeria and Uganda very interested in digital currencies.
Bitcoin has been one of the most popular cryptocurrencies this year with prices rising substantially throughout 2017. Just yesterday alone Bitcoin saw a surge of $500 rising to near $8,200 on trading volumes of $3.2 billion during the past 24 hours. The increase in bitcoin is about 70 times if we compare its rock bottom prices last year with $1,000 worth of bitcoin during the low of 2016 now worth an incredible $60,000.
Bitcoin suffers from congestion and high transaction costs, but despite this the cryptocurrency continues to surge ahead with no sign of slowing down.

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