Bitcoin is Starting a “Peaceful Revolution” According to Jimmy Song

The emergence of Bitcoin and the development of blockchain technologies started a revolution that is still taking its first steps but has been cataloged as one of the most influential events in the history of modern society since the appearance of the Internet.

Jimmy Song

One of the most fervent believers in the potential of bitcoin to change the economic-political fabric of society is Jimmy Song, a developer described by Max Keiser as legendary. In an interview for Keiser Report, Jimmy and Max talked about the potential of Bitcoin and why many consider this technology as revolutionary.

Max and Jimmy talked about the development of various anti-government protests and how the politicians and citizens are addressing this situation. Jimmy used the Yellow Vests movement as an example.

For Song, besides expressing discontent against the status quo and putting people at risk as a result of violent protests, Bitcoin offers a safer and more effective option for those fighting take back the power that right now lies on the hands of big corporations and powerful politicians:

“All of these protest movements – what they are doing is going after who’s in charge. What they should really be doing is taking the power back for themselves, decentralizing power. And it starts with bitcoin …
This is a much more peaceful revolution that’s possible with bitcoin.”

Max Keiser

Recently several leaders of the yellow vests movement proposed their followers to withdraw money from the banks as a strategy to take away the control of the institutions over their clients’ money, however, the proposal had no real feasibility.

Max Keiser has named Bitcoin as the currency of resistance. For the well-known political analyst and trader, “Bitcoin should be the currency for all these global movements to unify.”

Finally, Song explained that for software development purposes, the high fluctuation of prices, especially in bullish season, is extremely distracting for developers, however, under current conditions developers do not devote so much attention to monitor price movements but to building a better ecosystem:

The bitcoin price going up can actually be a very big distraction for a lot of developers. When the price is going up, we’re all thinking about how much bitcoin we have and what we can buy, so it’s very easy to get distracted when there’s a bull market.
During a bear market, you don’t want to think about the price that much. Instead, you get down to work and build all sorts of goods and services that might be useful to people, and that’s a good thing.

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