When Lambo? Bitcoin Faucet Gives Away One Lamborghini Huracan

“When Lambo?” If you are one of the perfectly mature traders who always makes that question, your dreams could come true thanks to FreeBitcoin.in.

The famous BTC faucet announced to its almost 20 million users that it started a giveaway of a Lamborghini Huracan LP 580-2 for a single winner. The draw will take place in 6 months.

FreeBitco.in is giving away a Lambo

Each user will be able to participate with tickets that are purchased from FreeBitco.in for 0.00025 BTC. Of course, the more tickets each user buys, the more chances they have to win.

A Lamborghini is not just an expensive car. In the crypto-verse a Lambo is THE car; it is a symbol of status associated with success in trading and cryptocurrency investment. During 2017 the terms related to “Lambo” and “Moon” became a typical slang within the community.

However, the faucet clarified that the Lamborghini is only for U.S. customers. If the winner is from another country, they can choose to assume shipping costs or receive a prize equivalent to 200k USD in BTC.

Don’t Want a Lambo? Nevermind… You can Bet on Anything

FreeBitco.in is one of the largest and most popular faucets in the world. It currently has a referral system that gives each person 50% of the total winnings of each user who obtains a prize after signing up using a custom link for each user.

The website offers several options for users to spend their BTCs. From a casino to a lottery, including all types of bets.

Recently, the faucet development team announced a contest for those who want to bet on the last season of Game of Thrones.  This popular TV series is currently known for its unpredictability and on this page whoever guesses the name of the next king to occupy the Iron Throne will win a prize that grows every day. This event is also available for bets on Augur

Wait… Why People Don’t Bet on Daenerys?

However, not only can you bet on this famous show. The site offers other options such as NBA games, NFL, UEFA, ICC, and even the market sentiment.

So far the most popular events are the UEFA final game and the Game of Thrones finale, so it’s easy to see that the series not only stayed in the hearts of viewers but also of crypto traders and enthusiasts as well.

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