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Binance CEO Committed to Promote an Integration Between Gaming Industry And Blockchain Technologies

The world of blockchain technologies is expanding every day, and many believe that sooner or later DLTs are going to be related to an essential part of everyday life activities. Despite the bearish streak of the crypto-money markets during the past year and so far in 2019, the industry of blockchain and crypto has increased considerably, and prominent investors around the world have carefully followed this growth.

Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance is aware of this, and on several occasions has spoken about the potential success that blockchain technologies can have in the gaming Industry. Back in September 2018, CZ had already talked about how the gaming industry could benefit from the use of crypto and other tokens running on the blockchain:

After the infamous Fortnite “accident,” the debate over the use of crypto and blockchain technologies to boost the gaming industry flourished again in the community. Recently ConsenSys, the blockchain Company founded by Ethereum’s Joseph Lubin, promoted 16 games and applications that allow users to earn money while playing or interacting with each other.

Similarly, a few days ago CZ shared its enthusiasm again on Twitter after crypto-game Steem Monster announced its support for BNB as a native crypto for buying and selling items.

CZ replied, explaining that the blockchain and gaming industries could mutually benefit and that this process will be “fast or slow” but that without a doubt “will happen.” He reaffirmed his willingness to help in this process, not only through the Exchange platform but also with the rest of the services that Binance offers to its users:

Steem Monsters is a Collectible Trading Card Game built upon the Steem Blockchain. The game has gained an important number of followers since its creation, enthusing several followers to its promotion through tweets, blog posts and even live streams.

The integration of blockchain technologies in games could result in an essential boost to the overall capitalization of the crypto market. According to a report published last week by Digi-Capital, in the previous months, the growth of the gaming market registered record figures against prior periods:

Digi-Capital’s Games Report Q1 2019 tracked games companies raising $5.7 billion in 2018, which was over twice the previous record investment from 2017. Tim Sweeney’s Epic Games’ $1.25 billion was not only the largest round raised last year; it was the largest non-IPO games investment of all time. The only larger single amount raised by a games company was when Netmarble Games held its IPO in 2017. Even that record might not survive given Fortnite’s extraordinary performance.

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