Basic Attention Token (BAT) Comes Alive Again Due to Coinbase

A few days ago, we explored why Basic Attention Token (BAT) was not done in the crypto markets after getting listed on Coinbase Pro on the 2nd of November. The California based exchange opened deposits for the token on the platform on the same day. The price of BAT shot up over 30% within minutes of the announcement.

For the first 12 hours after the announcement, only deposits of the digital asset were allowed on Coinbase Pro till enough liquidity was attained to support trading. Full trading went live on the 5th of November as highlighted by the following tweet by Coinbase Pro.

Only USDC Pairing on Coinbase Pro

However, many crypto traders have not failed to notice that BAT was only paired with the stablecoin of USDC. The digital asset is yet to be paired against Bitcoin (BTC) and the regular fiat currency of the USD or the Euro.

Once that is achieved on Coinbase Pro, we could experience more trading action ignited.

Not Yet Available on and Mobile Apps

Also to note, is that Basic Attention Token is also not yet available on the regular platform or any of its mobile applications on Android and iOS. The initial announcement by Coinbase.Pro, clearly highlighted this fact as can be seen below:

Please also note that BAT is not yet available at or in our iOS and Android apps. We will make a separate announcement when that occur.

Also, given that Ox (ZRX) experienced two waves of gains due to listings on Coinbase Pro then the regular Coinbase platform, it is only natural that crypto traders have been keeping an eye on the digital asset since last Friday.

What are your thoughts on Basic Attention Token as traders await its listing on the regular Coinbase platform? Please let us know in the comment section below. 

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