Awarded Crypto Analyst About BTC: “When it Proves It Is ‘Not Dead’ … FOMO Will Be Larger than Ever”

Despite the bearish streak that Bitcoin and the crypto money market experienced since 2018, there are still reasons to have a bullish point of view according to some traders and experts.

Alistair Milne fits precisely in that group of analysts who believe that Bitcoin has a good chance of a promising future. The Cofounder and Chief Investment Officer of crypto hedge fund Altana Digital Currency Fund (ADCF) shared with his Twitter followers some ideas explaining why he has good perspectives on the future of Bitcoin despite the bearish performance maintained since 2018.

The tweets series began with an explanation of the concept of “asymmetric investment opportunity” Milne Explains that Aldana’s team is aware of the high risk involved in early investment in a technology like Bitcoin, however, despite the possibility of losing, the fact of being able to multiply profits by a significant magnitude if the conditions for an optimistic scenario were met, made the risk worthwhile:

The expert trader and investor noted that despite a decade having passed, Bitcoin had not lost that attribute. It is still an asymmetric investment opportunity, and the substantial rise in prices, followed by a fall of approximately 80% confirm this theory.

Milne said that the next important bull run could surpass the previous one by approximately 500%.

This tweet was reinforced by the one shown below, which explains that history has shown that after each fall, the new wave of adoption surpasses the previous one, so profit expectations increased exponentially. He played with the possibility that Bitcoin would considerably surpass the 19K mark.

He then went on to explain that investors must embrace the strength of Bitcoin. After Bitcoin proves that it is not dead, “The FOMO will be larger so ever” with millions of people adopting the technology.

In another of his tweets, he praised Bitcoin for the features with which it was programmed. For the investor, Bitcoin could be a digital successor to Gold.

Finally, he concluded by mentioning that the next bull run will decide if Bitcoin is the undisputed Crypto King, commenting that during that period, the blockchain that manages to establish itself and gain the trust of the markets could be assured of its existence during this century.

ADCF is known for winning the “Best cryptocurrency/blockchain hedge fund” awar. At Hedge Funds Review’s “European Performance Awards 2018” (which took place on 22 November 2018 in London). In the same event, Milne won the “Rising star (hedge fund or FoHF individual)” award.

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