As part of KuCoin’s revolutionary development, once again today, they have listed another promising project that would surely interest investors and partners. The new token is the native currency of CPChain, a decentralized and trusted brand-new distributed IoT systems.

Deposits can now be transacted with trading pairs including CPC/BTC and CPC/ETC. Buying begins at 19:30 UTC+8 and Selling/Withdrawal at 20:00 UTC+8. Trades can be executed using KuCoin’s App or to their website at

About CPChain CPC

Cyber Physical Chain, CPC is a Chinese blockchain company focused on revolutionizing the internet of things (IoT). It short for Cyber Physical Chain ($CPC) aims to revolutionize the internet of things (IoT) ecosystem in China and abroad. Described as “The killer tech that the IoT industry has been waiting for,” CPChain uses blockchain to improve the usefulness of IoT networks.

How CPChain Work?

CP-Chain applies blockchain as a backbone for IoT. The blockchain is used to speed up, scale, improve security, and reduce transaction costs for the IoT industry.

CPChain’s core feature is to realize the transmission of value across cyber-physical systems. To achieve, CPChain is creating a systematic scheme that addresses scalability needs for the IoT industry. CPChain addresses those needs using blockchain technology, with blockchain technology being used to solve problems like data storage and computation protocols.

CPChain Key Features

1) Parallel Distributed Cloud Storage Architecture: CPChain will deploy parallel distributed cloud storage architecture to solve the scalability issue created by large-scale data storing and sharing.

2) A New Hybrid Consensus Protocol: CPChain will implement a new hybrid consensus protocol capable of massive scaling while optimizing computing power.

3) Side-Chain Consensus System: CPChain will implement a side-chain consensus system focused on providing a high level of security while simultaneously allowing real-time, high-volume, concurrent transactions across the CPChain network.