15 DApps Launched on The Tron (TRX) Mainnet and Counting

The activation of the Tron Virtual Machine on the 12th of October signaled the beginning of the DApp era on the Tron (TRX) Network. The TVM was the final piece of the puzzle that would allow developers to bring their creations to life on the blockchain. It has been a little over a month since the TVM was activated and the number of DApps has continued to increase since then.

15 DApps and Counting

Further checking the state of DApps on the network, we find that there are a total of 15 DApps that are further categorized as follows:all into the following categories:

  • Games – 4 DApps: Last Trip, Snatch3D, Wheel of Fortune and Spirit Warrior Game
  • Gambling – 8 DApps: Tron Dice, Tron Bet, Tron Baccarat, Dice.TRX, Coin Flip, FOMO, Dice Classic and Wheel of Tron
  • Others – 3 DApps. These DApps serve a specific niche on the network. The 3 available DApps handle API identification (SummaTron-API), intergalactic trade (TTM space) and interactive maps of businesses that accept crypto (Cryptospots)

Justin Sun Requests New Projects and Tokens

In a tweet earlier today, Justin Sun pointed out that the trading activity on the Tronscan Decentralized Exchange was ‘going crazy‘. His tweet went on to point out that the platform is hungry for more projects and tokens. His tweet can be found below.

How to Build a DApp

After Justin’s tweet, the Tron Foundation also made an announcement via medium on how interested developers can create a DApp on the nework. The announcement included a step-by-step tutorial that can be followed by anyone with an interest in creating an application on the Tron platform.

The team at Tron pointed out that the developer suite made it easier for developers to get started on their creations.

Since the launch of MainNet, the TRON Virtual Machine, and a full suite of developer tools, engineers can easily deploy smart contracts and build new DApps. Applications enjoy a wider variety of ways to be deployed in TRON because of the network’s scalability and highly effective smart contracts that allow for high efficiency and infinite possibilities.

In conclusion, the Tron network has continued to create an avenue for developers to create Decentralized Applications. Since the Tron Virtual Machine was activated, we have seen 15 such creations with Justin Sun asking the developer community to create more. The Tron foundation has gone ahead and provided a tutorial for anyone willing to try out the TRX blockchain.

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