Our Company

Cryptocrimson.com is working to ensure that the population and readers have not only the full right to receive promptly honest, objective and relevant news about the city in which we live, about our country, about our people, about our troubles and victories, about our crops, About their heroes, about their successes and achievements, about their management apparatus and about all their other affairs and events, but they also got this opportunity. From the rest of the world it is possible and necessary to take only the most important for us reliable information that influences or can affect us and our affairs, and on civilization as a whole.

From these, in general, simple reasoning follows the goals of creating our Agency and the tasks it is called upon to solve:

  • Develop and implement a source of alternative, truthful information for awakening people.
  • Make another small step towards the restructuring of the information space in which humanity today lives.
  • Awaken as many people as possible from the mental sleep in which the parasites plunged them violently.