Blockchain based tool helps track biological age at every level

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YOUNG.AI Beta 1.0 has recently been released and the tool geared towards tracking biological age at every level makes use of blockchain technology to collect user data.

The system allows users to register under a pseudonym and remain anonymous, while entering the available data types and tracking the age predicted by the deep neural networks trained on tens of thousands and sometimes millions of samples.

YOUNG.AI features deep learned photographic and basic blood biochemistry-based predictors of age as well as the ability to track drug and supplement intake. Future updates will include multiple other data types ranging from medical imaging and brain activity readings to social circle and behavior.

Blockchain technology has been one of the best innovations as far as secure data integrity is concerned as it ensures every involved party that their information will not fall into the wrong hands. Medical information is some of our most important data and the pairing of Blockchain technology and AI will be invaluable to its security and technological advancement.

The overall idea of YOUNG.AI is to track human biological age at every level and thereby pave way for discovery of drugs and other interventions that target the fundamental process of aging, thereby delaying the onset of all chronic diseases at once, instead of targeting one disease at a time.

“The development of reliable ways to measure aging is an absolute prerequisite for the design of clinical trials targeting aging. Insilico Medicine’s ‘Young.AI’ is leading the way in this endeavour by allowing us reliable measurements of aging both at the individual and population level. Young.AI will undoubtedly be a powerful tool in our anti-aging toolbox.” Morten Scheibye-Knudsen, MD/PhD, Head of the Biology of Aging Laboratory, Center for Healthy Aging, and associate professor, University of Copenhagen.


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